John Fernandez Photography, Inc

John Fernandez Photography, Inc.
John Fernandez photography began in 2009. Since then John Fernandez photography has become known for the extensive experience in Weddings, Quinces, Events, Business portfolios, Business Headshots, commercial and Residential Real Estate Photography, by many associations such as SWFL Hispanic Chamber, Above Board Chamber, Lee county Chamber, North Fort Myers Chamber and the Lee County BAR Association, NABOR, Envy Pageant Productions, to mention a few.

One of the most popular services requested to John Fernandez photography are event photography, portrait photography to include business and personal Headshots, Residential and commercial photographs, Product Photography as Restaurants, Jewelry Stores, etc.,Beauty Pageants local and State.

John Fernandez
At an early age John Fernandez enjoyed photographing his family and friends at social gatherings. He continued developing his skill in photography throughout his life even while having a successful career in sales, real estate and mortgages.

A veteran of the Armed Forces, John uses his experience from the military to run a successful business and he uses what he learned in the Armed Forces to be a better businessman.

After the Armed Forces, John attended Edison State College; graduating with an Associates in Art Degree. While there, he was asked to take photographs for the college events. The Edison staff and faculty were so delighted with his pictures that they encouraged him to pursue photography professionally.

Since photography has always been his love and passion, he had no trouble saying yes. He quickly made a name for himself photographing events at nightclubs. From there, He progressed into other areas of photography.

He is deeply committed to his goals whether it is a heartfelt family portrait or your most special occasion such as your romantic wedding. He spends quality time with you as he strives to provide you with beautiful photographs you can cherish forever.
Pageants, olios, Business Headshots, and much more.

His work has been featured in various newspapers and magazines, such as: US Prime Realty, RES GESTAE, News-Press, Florida Weekly, Naples Daily News, Vista Semanal, Nuevos Ecos, Pulse Magazine, Focus SWFL, Somos Magazine, and many more in SWFL and in the US.

John holds his Colombian roots close and dear and has worked with every Spanish newspaper and magazine in the SW Florida, and currently you can view his work being published in Vista Semanal.

John enjoys meeting people, building relationships and making their personalities shine through his photographs.

"Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life." - Dr. Wayne Dyer
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